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  1. VersusXV

    [PS4] VFX Settlement Mods Release

    So I'd seen @Koeran83 status post, remembered he is on PS4 so I figured why not upload all my settlements for PS4! Nuka World Sandbox Settlement: General Atomics Galleria:
  2. SaltySpecialist

    Not a bug Sim settlements 3 in one

    To start off with I have cleared all mods and even redownloaded the entire game, I can not find the original sin settlement mod and only a 3 in one mod that I cannot download for some reason. Has anyone else experienced this? Is there another workaround?
  3. N

    Sim settlement isnt on pc but all the addons are?

    Why isn't the mod for fallout on Bethesda pc but all the addons are?
  4. Tinuvia

    Bugfix 6.0.1 for users (Wasteland Venturers)

    Several files were lost in the upload to for both PC and XBOX. Version 6.0.1 fixes this, so please download the new version if you have 6.0. Sorry about this, and thanks to @mlwest1970 for letting us know :)