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    NPVC Island Outpost by Yagisan

    NPVC Island Outpost is Yagisan's entry into the Mar 2020 City Plan design competition. NPVC Island Outpost is a farming and military outpost. Located within a fortified compound, within the national park, it provides essential services, and a safe place to stay, while crossing the island. Includes a small player home. Supports 12 settlers.

    Settlement: National Park Visitor's Centre
    Requires Version 4.2.4 or Greater of Sim Settlements 3-In-1

    Levels: 3
    Balanced: Yes
    Max Settlers: 12
    Player Home: Yes
    File Type: ESL

    Required DLC

    Yagisan's Standard Designer's Choice Mods
    Designer's Choice Mods are additional Sim Settlements plots that are used in most City Plans. To ensure the city plan looks as intended, you should have them installed.
    Missing mods will result in random plots taking the place of chosen plots. This may result in settlements not matching their themes.
    Sim Settlements - Scrappers
    Sim Settlements - IDEK's Logistics Station (ESL Version)
    Sim Settlements - Wasteland Venturers 2 (All-In-One)
    Sim Settlements - Vault-Tec Tools
    Sim Settlements - RS Buildings
    Sim Settlements - CaptainLaserBeam's Jampads
    Sim Settlements - Mega Pack - Year Two
    Sim Settlements - SirLach's Intimate Spaces
    Sim Settlements - Pra's Random Addon
    Sim Settlements - SirLach's Ultimate Defenses
    Sim Settlements - Simple Living

    Below you can see an aerial shot of the entire settlement at Level 3. The first thing you'll notice is that I didn't fill out the whole space. I decided to work with the existing destroyed settlement, and focused on rebuilding it.

    This is an aerial shot of the main entrance. On the left is a 3x3 Agricultural plot, and next to that a martial plot that doubles as a recruitment centre for conqueror players. The double doors are the main entrance, and lead into the commercial zone.

    Another aerial shot, this time of the rear entrance. The toilet paper factory is on the left. With a greenhouse in the centre. The top right, behind the martial plot is the entrance to the player home.

    Behind the main entrance, we have the secondary gate to the living area. The recruitment centre proudly displaying their Minuteman flag, is next to the main farming area of this settlement.

    This is the main courtyard. All settlers live inside the National Park Visitor Centre building. On the left is a recreational plot that doubles as a training yard for conqueror players. All crafting benches are located in this area. The stairs on the right lead up to the player home.

    An interior shot of the National Park Visitor Centre building. I didn't go overboard decorating it, as the chosen plots do a good job all by themselves. Also, without editing the settlement, the garbage decals float over whatever I place, so I worked around it.

    The rear entrance courtyard. I wanted this to still feel like it was in a national park,so trees were moved and added. The gates are currently open, but can be found next to the toilet paper factor, and the greenhouse.

    The player home. It's nothing fancy, but gets the job done.

    A nice big aerial shot from behind, with the water source front and centre. You can see that a lot of the settlement area is not used. It has been tidied up, and some trees planed or moved, and some animals added.

    A close up of the main entrance. Come on in, stay a while. Say, have you ever though about joining the Commonwealth Minutemen? We've got good food, warm beds, and the chance to travel the world ...

    As is usual, for my 12 settler settlements, progression is 5/4/3/0, and the Logistics Station is on level 1.

    There is a Brotherhood Vertibird landing spot in a clearing near the main gate.

    I would strongly recommend a leader with one of the Minutemen/Brotherhood/Railroad/CoA ally traits. This settlement was attacked multiple times during building from both the front and rear gates by trappers, yao guai, and fog crawlers. I'd also suggest a decontamination arch, and some additional happiness items. Settlers feel decidedly unhappy when fog crawlers are chomping on their faces.

    Edit: March 26.
    The updated L3 save game is here until the end of the contest. A tree was really bugging me so I rotated it's position slightly. As usual, all the saves and exports are in my GitHub.
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    Cool and welcome back :)
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    Updated save file uploaded. Link in first post.
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