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Announcement WRK Roadmap & Known Issues

Strong Swanson

As noted in our announcement, the WRK is considered in Open Beta. There is lots to do, lots to add, and lots to fix before it can be considered finished.

Much of this work falls under these categories...
  • Object Collision Issues - There are a number of items in the mod which require new collision. You can recognize these in Workshop Mode when they appear without a colored highlight or outline, when you place them down and you can't pick them back up, or when they have physics and aren't static.
    NOTE: Most objects with buggy collision can be picked up and moved (or if not, nudged with Place Everywhere) by exiting and re-entering workshop mode).
  • Menu Category Icons - Many of the category icons appear too small or too large and need to be adjusted for ease of use.
  • Erroneous Object Names - As the WRK objects live in the SS2.esm, many of them are not named correctly in the workshop menu and/or when the player interacts with them (such as opening a door or container).


This list is not in any particular order (with the exception of the first item), so set your expectations accordingly.
  • Label DLC and PC Only objects within build menu descriptions
  • Re-sort objects within the Themes>Pre-War menus
  • Fill out the Horizontal/Vertical submenus for Plywood & Metal Piece menus
  • Fill out various Armory categories (more weapons, apparel and armor pieces)
  • Add Power Armor suit & piece variants for main factions and misc paint-jobs
  • Add functioning lift elevators
  • Add color variations for:
    • Non-rusty Automobiles
    • Static ASAM sensors for non-Residential plot types
    • Wasteland/Raider vendor stall kit pieces for different store types
    • Different types of Wasteland Workshop cages
    • Blue Capsule variants (pre-war & post-war) in Structures menu
  • New kits to add eventually (as time, skill, & capacity permits):
    • Robot Mod Kit - Automatron DLC mods as static objects
    • Vehicle Part Kit - Cut up sections of vehicles to be used for things like custom junk walls, Mad Max vehicles, etc

Known Issues:​

  • DLC & PC-Only objects need to be labeled in the workshop build menu descriptions so that City Planners can avoid them if they prefer not to have holes in their city plans for XBOX players or those who don't have DLC.
  • Known Collision Issues
    • House of Tomorrow carports can't be scrapped
    • Raider cloth/tent objects
    • String Lights can only be selected on one end
  • Some Misc building objects within the Wood & Metal structure menus appear to have missing textures in the menu (parts of the mesh appear pink, though this isn't the case when the items are placed down). These are in-progress building pieces (all frame, little to no siding).
  • Static Door objects which need to be made functional:
    • Large and Medium Wasteland Workshop Cage Doors
    • Memory Lounger glass canopy
    • Transport Plane doors
  • Fix Memory Lounger kit pieces with buggy lighting
  • Some flags/banners for The Pack and the Operator raider gangs show up as Disciples banners
  • Navmeshing needed for:
    • A few of the metal quarry floor pieces within Metal structure menu
    • Pavement/road pieces within Landscaping menu

We need your help!

Don't have any modding skills? No problem!
Keeping track of known issues challenge they entail creating long lists of objects. If you come across objects which need to be fixed, moved, or added, you can help us improve the Wasteland Reconstruction Kit by making a list as you build with the mod.

Have a copy of 3DS Max 2013?
If you have the means, time, and experience creating object collision, we could use your help!
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