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Weird situation where I ended up being in two separate factions and the AI's brain broke


New Member
Gonna try keep this short. It ends with a quest progression bug.

Basically started to play conqueror in the way Kinggath does on his quickstart guide. Added Reaver's faction pack and got a pretty neat little setup started (tgm for mats). I then decided I want to get Jammer's questline mixed in. I figured the quest that required occupying a settlement would just tick off considering I already had the Reaver setup. Turns out that was not the case as an assault started (on my base) and the AI just lost its mind because it didn't know whose team I was on. It was actually pretty funny and Immersive AF XD

I reloaded and tried a different location. The Warplanner's desk from either settlement saw the other as a potential target - so I was basically a double agent. What I ended up doing was getting the vassal and then cycling all the occupants in one big circle (don't ask how long this took) and, finally, Jammer would let me move base to my existing Reaver base. Everything has worked fine from there until the bounty note quest from Jammer. I had already taken the note off the Warplanner's desk before starting the questline (in that original Reaver base) and completed the fetch quest. Now Jammer keeps telling me to "check the note" (where it says there are no bounties available) and the questline won't progress.

I do not have a heavy mod list at all. Literally just bug fix mods and some added weapons and armor. I like the vanilla feel of the game from time to time.
I have waited, slept and spent several IRL and in-game hours in and out of settlements so no, that does not work.
I have a decent machine and am running the mod settings on low.
I have not messed with the Holotape and various options excessively, which I know can cause issues.