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The Guns of August


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Very Impressive. You've created a whole new faction. Conqueror/ Liberator pack to follow?

I'm not going to lie: I'm seriously considering it. I'm also considering more than that, but I have a bit of a track record of over-extending myself with projects, so I'll say no more until boots are on the ground.


I am completely pulled in by this story.

God Save the Admiral!

Thanks!! I had so much fun writing it. I really want to explore more of this faction, and I think I will in some shape or form. I was actually really bummed when I threw it in a word doc and realized it was too long. So that's when I wrote the "official" write-up at the end of the 4th post that I sent in with my saves.

This is so cool hahaha is the new faction some kind of UK-enclave analogue?

I love the story. I hope you do get to add all these things into holotapes and such. Awesome awesome work :D