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Tenpines: a fortified village


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Hi all, after giving up last month due to repetitive crashes.
I decided to start again this month,
.useless mods deleted,
.all updates ok
.new clean part

I'm starting a cool little plan on Tenpines and very often when I browse WRK the game crashes.
Does anyone know of the problem I'm having?


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Hi Nigaud,

PSA - We have updated the rules slightly for the July Comp.


  • The settlement must have a City Planners Desk and a Beacon.
  • All city plans must contain all 4 levels.
  • To encourage MAXIMUM CREATIVITY we will not be imposing any other restrictions on entries.
  • Please use the Contest Holotape and check your settlement before submitting. Entries with Purple/Illegal items will be ineligible.




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The origin of the settlement

The settlers of Tenpines Buff were among the first to call on the Minutemen.
After helping them get rid of raiders, the Minutemen realised the value of this northern Commonwealth location.
They asked the settlers for permission to establish a base there.
The answer was simple:
"OK guys, but you're helping us build a safe, fortified village, not a shanty made of salvaged materials".
The Minutemen thought for a moment and replied:
"OK on two conditions, the first is that you let us build a fortified base, the second is that you provide us with the materials to make our military equipment through a foundry that you will operate yourself".
The agreement was quickly reached, and the knowledge of both parties made it possible to build a nice, comfortable and prosperous village where trade reigned.


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Haven't had any crash issues myself at TP, so not sure what to tell you with the WRK issue.
Settlement looks cool though.
Maybe disable your mods, start and save, then re-enable them.
You'd need to save your settlement as a third stage and then let it rebuild itself after the mods reset.
That may fix it.
Otherwise, when we first began the contest entries months ago, I had crash issues, but switched to the clean save provided with the contest and haven't had any issues really since.
Sorry I can't be more helpful with the issue.
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I love it I too was like let us make a fort of tenpines.