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So many Gunner attacks!


New Member
I love Sim Settlements 2 so far, but the Gunner attacks are kind of out of hand. There's an attack ever single in-game day, and I'm level 51 so just hoards of gunners spawning. It's motivating me to speed through the questline (something I usually don't do, because I like to take it easy). The sheer amount of gunners impacts performance during these fights!

In-game I'm currently waiting for Jake to progress the quest and tell me we're ready to attack the Gunner base. I am so excited for these attacks to stop!

Anyway, I made this forum account just to talk about this and to suggest there be a MCM option to reduce gunner attack frequency, or at least the number of gunners. I didn't download Sim Settlements to be inundated with daily attacks that can't be stopped, and it's honestly more of a slog than actually fun :/ Not saying the Gunner attacks themselves aren't fun, but just the sheer number of gunners and how frequently they attack is an issue that impacts enjoyment.

As soon as Jake says it's time to attack the Gunner base, I'm going to rush to stop these attacks. They're just too much xD