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Sim Settlements 3.4.6(a) - Better Living Underground


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Patch 3.4.6 is now live! Updates available for Sim Settlements, Rise of the Commonwealth, and Three-in-One.

- Adds the Vault 88 City Plan.
- Updates code to prevent SS from ever causing the Scrap Crash on new save files.

Note that if you updated this afternoon, a patch 3.4.6a was posted a few hours ago. This was just fixing a stupid mistake where I accidentally set the Lite mode flag on all versions, which tells SS to skip the in-between level building stage models.

See the patch notes for full details:
Perhaps a silly question, but is there a reason not to convert to the three-in-one version if you have the 3 separate components of SS?
No - the only reason people tend to stay on the individuals is on Xbox when they don't have space for all 3.