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    Establishing numerous outposts and vassals is not the most immersive way of raiding in my opinion.

    From what I learned in history and literature, raiders for the most times just raid and leave. For some infamous raiders, they don't actually need to kill anyone coz no one dares to resist. They just show up and the village/town will pay them to "ask" them to go away politely.

    I was thinking if this can be done via a new martial plot or mechanism. Say there is this new martial plot called, i don't know I'm bad with names, English is my second language, say it's called Raiding Party Liaison Office. As long as you have this plot in your outpost you can assign warriors to a raiding party.

    The raiding party will "raid" a random nearby non-outpost, non-vassal settlements. The player does not need to lead these raids. It's done via formulas. The level of the plot, the number and rank of raiding party members, their equipment level (armory) and supply level (field hospital and mess hall), and the number of nearby outposts and vassals are all factors that will contribute to the chance of success.

    The plot will generate dynamic W/R/E bonus periodically. E.g., weekly, a successful raid will generate WRE bonus for a week, give XP to your soldiers and add morale buff. Raiders don't like to work. So let them raid. WRE bonus will be higher if the number and the production level of nearby non-outpost, non-vassal settlements is greater. For example within the control radius of your outposts there are 5 non-outpost, non-vassal settlements. If all 5 raids are successful you earn WRE from all 5 settlements. If only 3 succeed then you earn WRE from 3.

    When there is a failed raid or more you have random casualties according to the factors mentioned above and a radiant quest or several. Say the quest is called "Show XXX (name of the settlement) Who's the Boss". In this quest you need to assemble and lead your gang to revenge your failed raid. This will be easier than trying to take an outpost or vassal. There are only hired guns and automated defense to deal with. The settlers are gathered in a place in hiding (similar to what is currently been implemented in liberator faction vassal attacks).

    Successfully complete the radiant quest will generate WRE for a week from the day when you complete it. Before you complete the quest there is no WRE earned from that settlement. If you fail the quest then no WRE for a week from that settlement.

    For a balanced gameplay maybe make taking high population vassals and outposts harder? High production level vassals are hard to maintain with the new control mechanism but taking them is too easy in comparison.

    This mechanism should make Conqueror more fun and dynamic before Phase 3. It's also a good way to level up your soldiers with all the raids. (I'm still not getting enough XP with the current mechanism. I have 4 outposts and 3 vassals in my most recent save and only 1 prospect and 1 veteran.

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