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Discussion in 'Questions Here' started by cbrgamer2, Jan 11, 2019.

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    My maintenance in Sanctuary Hills has a problem. Over time it keeps going up, when nothing new that demands maintenance has been built. Refreshing the city fixes it, but this is short lived. It usually only takes a few in game days to be double, triple, or more, what it should be.

    1. Is this a common issue that others are having with the current release?

    2. If so, do we know if there are plans to address it in the new release?
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    Hi cbrgamer2,

    Thanks for reporting, it helps. As-is, it is a known / related issue and being worked on. Yes, from what I know plan is to address in 4.0

    If you have specifics as in settings and screenshots that you can contribute please add them to one of the top two threads below.
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    I'm having the same problem of maintenance costs going wild, sometimes up to more than 1000 caps / day in Sancuary, Castle and Overland. Running the configuration tool 'Rebuild local data' fixes it but maintence will start going berserk in a few days.
    I tried a few different city plans but all of them have the same problem and i had to turn off maintenance costs.

    I have given a look at the threads above, but i think mine is a different problem; even with the town just built with a few residential, a few farms and at most a generator and a turret i have costs in the order of hundreds caps/day that become the reasonable value of +- 10 caps once i run the rebuild tool.
    Having the right amount of taxes from my lots wont change much; i'm not talking of getting or spending 5 caps instead of 10 i'm talking of numbers in the order of hundreds of caps of unexplained maintenance costs.

    I'm playing with setting at the highest immersion and difficulty, apart from maintenance cost i had to set to off

    For reasons that evade my old engineer logic the target mat of fast travel is sometimes outside the build limits of the settlement and i want to have it near the workshop; is there a way to move it where i want without using console markfordelete ?
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    I had the same problem at Oberland station. There's a thread around here somewhere, consensus was that Oberland was sometimes buggy. I just ended up turning off maintenance costs locally for that settlement.
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