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Iztari: Masters 2019


Verified Builder
Story Time:
After MacCready sent the cure to his son, he realised that the amount of caps he had left was not enough to pay for seat in a caravan going back to the wasteland of Washington DC. The Sole Survivor desides once again help MacCready by offering him a job as a Mayor of the isolated area "Spectacle Island".

MacCready jumps in with the idea of creating a major commercial center. Remote from any nearby raiders he thinks that this is the best way to increase the settlements chances of survival and success, since it is only available by boat (or if you are brave or stupid enough to swim all the way). Utilizing the old ruins to build new living quarters, and soon there is roof over their heads, and beds to sleep in.

Slowly he manages to convice enough people to make the trip, and start working on the new settlement. At first they focus on becoming food independent, with the goal of having a total of 7 different stores and 4 farms in the end. As the settlement grows, 3 new industries a rises and even a relaxation area is built so the 20 inhabitants of Spectacle Island, can relax and chat after a hard days work.

His days as a mercenary for the Gunners made him realise the importance of firepower, solid walls and guardposts for protection, even if the island is remote for raiders it is crawling with all sort of nasty stuff living in the ocean around it. But will he raise enough caps to either go back home, or send for his son to live with him..?

Total of 39 plots.
Residential: 20
Commercial: 7
Agricultural: 4
Martial: 4
Industrial: 3 (2 normal + 1 heavy)
Recreational: 1​