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Solved How integrated will Conqueror eventually be with the main story line?


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I don't remember if this has been talked about, but I was mainly curious if there will eventually (on SS2 of course) be some alternative way to complete the main quest with the raider faction (or if the main quest will be left alone)? I was particularly curious as this seems to be the general direction it was heading, and it's been a while since I've watched the videos discussing Conqueror's end goals, plus things could always change in the design process
I know there are several mods that add alternative, less goody-two-shoes ways to complete the main quest, but a method tied directly to the mechanics and questline would be stellar and so much more organic
Apologies if this isn't entirely the right category to post this in


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We do have plans to further the questline for Jammer and his gang and to convert it to SS2 but it will take time.
A alternate to complete the main questline would be a dream goal but all that depends on time.

We are commited to teh current storyline ,so we will all get to find out more about jammer ,O , pan and maul :)


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One of the immersivity problems with Bethesda and other open world games, is the tendency for your character to become an ubermensch. It would be cwl if the sole survivor wasn't the only one going around building up settlements and creating the commonwealth! A rival perhaps? Or a target for war/diplomacy?



For the continuation of the Conqueror storyline, is the thought that development on conqueror itself will continue, or does the mod need to be mapped into SS2 first?