Fallout 76 Style Blueprinting in Fallout 4!

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    With the 1.0.7 update of Workshop Framework and the 1.0.3 update of Workshop Plus - you can now blueprint sections of your settlement and make copies of them in any other settlement!

    Video will be out shortly to demonstrate the feature.

    Also Workshop Framework is now out of Work-in-Progress on Xbox! I'm confident the bugs have been worked out of vanilla functionality, and there are no longer any vanilla edits - so the only remaining problems to run into are going to be conflicts by other mods overwriting the same scripts.

    Workshop Plus will remain in Work-in-Progress for the time being, there are a lot of things that can go awry with the Flight mode if you aren't careful, so I want to ensure only savvy users are grabbing it for now. Once I have more failsafes designed for flight mode, I'll make WS+ more formally available. In the meantime, you can still download it on Xbox by Favoriting it here!
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