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Erika's Fort Covenant Outpost

General Ilene

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The people of Covenant have joined forces with the Enclave!
A rather simple outpost city plan with room for 35+ soldiers at the final level.


My very first city plan... it was an interesting challenge.
Due to the size of the settlement, I've mostly used 1x1 and interiors. Most of the martial and both municipal plots are from ChooChoo1's Enclave addon, the full list of addons used is in the requirements.

Level 0:
13 beds
1 residential
7 martial - defense, armory, scavenger, recruitment, watchtower
1 recreational - relaxation
2 municipal - Communications, caravan

Level 1:
+1 bed
+2 martial plots
(1x1, defense)
+2 recreational (mess hall, relaxation)

Level 2:
+10 beds
+4 martial
(defense, field medics, prison)
+1 recreational (military training)

Level 3:
+10 beds

(and plenty of decorations. Find the two monkeys?)

34 beds
1 residential
13 martial
4 recreational
2 municipal


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Congrats on the entry!!
Your statue "decor" is the most epic thing I've seen in quite a while. I love it! Great job!