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Enclave Lore and Fan Radio?


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Enclave Lore

It seems there isn't much depth to the Enclave lore wise. I read the wiki and watched some videos, but they seem to be a fairly generic evil empire. Basic gist I got was they're an old world, mysterious shadow government full of super patriots that want to rebuild America and kill all the mutants... Which happens to include everyone not part of the Enclave or part of a sealed vault. Did I miss something or is the Enclave just not that developed in official lore?

In games, they seem to be dropped in for target practice and don't really do any of that "rebuilding America" part. I haven't played Fallout 2, so there could be something more interesting about how the Enclave is handled in game. Fallout 3's Enclave was almost exclusively Eden's chats. Augustus is just kind of there except those 5 minuted before you destroy Raven Rock to find out he doesn't agree with that whole killing people with FEV thing. F:NV had a few remnants that are easily missed.

Fan Radio

There are some nice Enclave mods out there and I thought about doing a new play through as a member. But I haven't found any radio stations for Fallout 4 in the style of John Henry Eden's chats. The mod stations mostly seem to play music and maybe mission info. There is one in F:NV, but I haven't found anything for F4. Is there any such mod?

I think it'd be fun to try making one myself if there isn't one already. F4 kinda makes it easy to create propaganda against almost everyone.


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I went ahead and did a demo for some Enclave Radio things (less than 2 minutes), if anyone is interested. Will probably go ahead with more chats since it was fun to make and figure out how to turn it into a mod after I get a few more recorded. Not sure about the fake radio / white noise effects though.

Any kind of criticism is welcome.

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If you use Audacity you can get rid of the noise by using it's noise reduction effect.