Suggestion (Conqueror Only) Set up Toll Points.

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    As an alternative to setting up commercial plots, one thing you could do with your raiders would be to set up a toll chokepoint. You see this ingame with other factions (gunners and raiders have encounters where they try to toll you or farmers out of caps), so it'd be nice to be able to do something similar with your gang/faction.

    Obviously, this would only be a thing for conquerors, not for liberators. Goodie-Goodies have to recruit citizens to man commercial plots and make money legitimately.

    How it would work is you make a device, and then when you're far enough from a settlement (if you try to put it too close to a settlement, it'll just jump back into your inventory and tell you to move farther. This is of course to prevent cheesing,) you activate it and one of your factions decorations will be placed there, signifying your toll point. You can then send soldiers there just like you would a settlement, and doing so will give them the role "toller." The more you assign to a toll, the more they'll be able to extract from bigger targets, and the less likely that enemy factions will take it down.

    Every day caps will be sent back to the nearest settlement, and will increase your caps score. However, each day there is a chance that it will be attacked by an opposing force. As mentioned, the more raiders you have on a toll point, the less chance of this happening. If this happens, you'll be notified and you'll have a (very very short) window of opportunity to assist in the defense. The window is very small, as we're talking about a small chokepoint, not a full blown settlement. If the attackers are successful, some of your tollers will be killed, and some will flee back to the nearest outpost. Either way, the toll point is lost. It is possible for the tollers to defend the point, however. How successful it is depends on the control score of that point. However, even a successful defense has its downside: subsequent attacks will become increasingly severe and more common, so it's not a good idea to keep a toll point active for too long. Eventually they WILL get overrun, it's simply a matter of time and luck. This means once the attacks on them start, you'll have to make a tactical choice of whether you'll want to keep assigning men to the toll point, or pack it up and try somewhere else.

    Chokepoints can be abandoned by activating the decoration. Abandoning it will send your soldiers back to the nearest outpost and reassign them as warriors.
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    A choke or check point could be used by liberators too. Rather than generating toll it'd generate an increase in trade (or more accurately prevent a decline in trade... Strait of Malacca, Horn of Africa).

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