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    Dynamic usage of things like Occlusion Planes/Cubes & Lightboxes that can't be generated during the game, in order to further optimize things in a settlement and maybe even allow more stuff to be built. I do have a simple Proof of Concept plugin, scripts and super short video, if this is interesting at all. I would just embed the video but can't from Discord uploads.

    Since PreVis doesn't occlude anything player built or script generated or NPCs there is potential for additional optimization in using occlusion planes/cubes which do hide these. The idea is using a holding cell, FormList to iterate through pre placed lightboxes/Occlusion and MoveTo coordinates centered on the plot as needed. Another implementation could be specific buildables, like large walls as ACTIs that move in occlusion planes inside them or foundation pieces that move in occlusion cubes. Maybe build mode only markers that can be proxies for moved-in occlusion or lightboxes. If such a system could exist, we could lean on it as city planners and perhaps segment cities out with large walls and have a greater control to limit spikes in draw calls/triangles. This could possibly improve stability for heavy builds. For cases like caves in a city plan(I remember one perhaps at Coastal Cottage city plan having one) or Interior Cell city plans, Roombounds & Portals potentially could be used this way.

    If plots could do it automatically, that could lead to gains without extra work in city planning. Perhaps it could be possible to have editor helper ACTIs that are spawned items that could be set up to place matching sized occlusion planes?

    I have experimented with this trying to make my own script, initially only to try with lightboxes. To make lights from a plot only affect itself and the ground right beneath the plot using a 520x520x300 lightbox, a little larger than the plot likely is in order to affect a very small area outside of the lightbox but avoid affecting many nearby plots. The original idea I had was having a spawnable ACTI that could be used also on other addon packs via external spawned items. But my conclusion at this point is it's very likely not feasible without baseline implementation directly into Sim Settlements itself. It can maybe work on small scale usage but will overwhelm papyrus when talking about City Plans(where 30 or more may be appearing simultaneously) or a prebuild where many city plans will be set up at once.

    Trying to make spawned object(from perspective of an addon pack attempting this for a plot feature) triggering this seems like it possibly won't work unless bad moves are made like registering for a remote event that would trigger every time any plot is ever built, upgraded or refreshed. With a direct implementation it might be possible to throttle the papyrus usage to try to possibly avoid overload.
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    What about allowing items from all the DLCs into the contest?

    I get why when SS first came out because everyone might not have all the DLCs. However the game has been out for four years now and you can buy the GOTY edition for like $11 now. I think a good majority of players have all the DLCs anyways since most of their other mods they use require them as well.

    It just seems wrong to have all these assets like warehouse, barn, concrete that you commonly use not be allowed into a plan. I mean I get why the concrete turns some of you off, because I have seen those concrete monstrosities that people call settlements.

    I would say add in the CC VR workshops, but, they break the rules. The rules of them being so huge that you really can not fill them in with 20 settlers. After all the rules state you are supposed to use up a good majority of the area. They may as well find a mod to give the pieces rainbow colors and a big LEGO logo on it.

    It should also give you the option to move/remove them. Nothing more annoying that setting up a nice garage in Sanctuary and then watch as one of the original idiots walks through items to begin hammering on the wall. I would also love the ability to move the Tenpines caravan campfire to the other side on the flat area.

    I can remember one of the early scrapping mods allowed you to see them and scrap them. Not sure if any other do or not because I only use the Place Everywhere.
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    A new category of single level city plans, that include all the dlc.
    I know that's not what SS is about but that's where my head is at with building. With CQ I prebuild everything to level 3 so have no interest in city plans upgrading any more. I still keep a settlement or two empty each playthrough and build on them - convert that to a single level city plan and prebuild that on my next playthrough.
    I'm slowly working my way through settlements and will eventually have a stock of them built up, I thought about releasing them as TS plans but I would sooner keep them within SS.
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    This. My pre-builds are single level - performance loading in-game is my deciding factor.

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    I do this too (remake my vassal cities) and then save it in project blue print. I wanna have my vassal reflect my faction more than just 2 guards. So I make basically a singel level city plan and store it for my next play through.

    I think single level city plans are a great idea
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