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BOS Integrated Society


Hello, everyone! It's been a while. I gave up on Spectacle Island but may submit my plan later. Here is my attempt at the Boston Airport. It supports 11 settlers plus a city leader and uses Wasteland Ventures, Ruined Homes and Gardens, Sim Settlements Scrappers, Simple Living, and VaultTec Tools.

The Brotherhood of Steel has launched a new initiative: creating a safe haven for citizens of the Wasteland. Introducing the concept of The BOS Integrated Society, a community ran and protected by the Brotherhood.
Here, not only do we keep everything in shipshape condition, but we provide adequate housing for those qualified. We recruit individuals deemed qualified by examining their levels of self-discipline and ability to live peacefully with others.
We have designated “green zones,” or areas approved and mandated to produce plant and floral growth. This is to improve livelihood, freshen the air, and provide an overall pleasant appearance. It may not seem like typical Brotherhood fashion, but we do it to extend citizens’ quality of life, as well as prove that we’re capable of anything if we put our minds to it!
We successfully recruited the most skilled mechanics in all the Commonwealth. Check out our top-of-the-notch Small Engine Repair shop, where we specialize in constructing and repairing power armor.
Our living quarters range from customizable pods to efficient homes. Work hard and be rewarded with a cozy place to crash.
The BOS Integrated Society features a large outdoor recreational plot, intended for use during leisure time.
Turns our Proctor Quinlan’s cat, Emmett, has a sister. Meet Alice, a cheerful tabby who resides in our restaurant.
Our martial plots ensure protection for our citizens. Our soldiers have a strong presence here at BOS Integrated Society. No need to fear the Wasteland’s dangers anymore.
Disregard the insubordinate atop the oversized awning. We shall determine a suitable manner of discipline later. Otherwise, look upon our success and magnificence! The BOS is capable of so many things!