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Bug "Better Living Through Cooking" breakage

Bug found: If Gorski cabin has already been cleared and Wayne Gorski is dead before the quest starts, it stalls and can't be completed, leaving a quest marker on Mr. Gorski's corpse. Calling resurrect or recycleactor on his remains and then killing him again allows the quest to reach the next stage.
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my only problem is that the body is gone so i can't use console to bring him back... any idea of what can i do ? please ?
Try "prid 681c4" followed by "recycleactor". Obviously, do that in the root cellar. He should appear at his spawnpoint.
The quest marker is actually on the location's center marker, this is relevant because the quest never actually looks for Wayne to be killed at all. I've verified that you can complete this quest after killing everyone in advance, so I think something else is at play here.

The only thing I can think of, is that the location was loaded at the time the quest started which prevented the location from resetting making it impossible to clear. The only settlement that would be close enough for this to occur would be Abernathy. If that happened to be where your HQ was when you did this, it would make sense.

Otherwise, I'm at a loss since I can't replicate the issue.
My memory's dim on this, but Wayne's body was coincidentally in the middle of the room with the bomb he was making. Now I can't recall for certain whether re-killing him advanced the quest or if it just advanced when exiting the cell and I didn't realize it. My resurrecting Wayne may have reset things in some way? Or I just confused the two events.

I did have a main base at Sunshine Tidings and another base at the Red Rocket, with Abernathy as a vassal, traveling back and forth frequently.
Hey, this error still exists if someone cares. Solution above worked. Maybe it would be better to just spawn 1 extra ghoul on the marker and make him target? Currently the quest is uncompleteable without console if you visited the place before.
BTW same thing goes in case of Thicket Excavations quest, where you have to kill raider boss before he drains water. If you do it later - it won't do and quest hangs.