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Always Free  MrJoseCuervo Plots

Always Free MrJoseCuervo Plots MrJoseCuervo


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GA_Darkerside submitted a new resource:

Always Free MrJoseCuervo Plots - Always Free Sim Settlements MrJoseCuervo Addon Pack

Homes: 5
Shops: 1
Factories: 2
Farms: 3
Martial: 1

Building Features
Settler Navigation: Yes
Construction Stages: Yes

From MrJoseCuervo:
"This is the combined Forever Free Version of my Addons for SIM Settlements. It includes:
- Slum Lord, 4 plots with 11 trillion shack combinations of randomized structures.
- Bad Neighbors, which focuses on the sometimes negative aspects of living in a community. A "Disaster Pack" of sorts for Sim Settlements.
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