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  1. Rojobow

    Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG)

    CONQUEROR ADD ON FACTION :Fusion Core Mechanics Guild(FCMG) possible names? Uranium BioMech Engineers Commonwealth Scrap Co. C.I.T. Engineer's Core Kinggath just had a play through video where he made an excellent suggestion that there be a mod where in order to Fast Travel you must pay a % of...
  2. Kefke_Wren

    Caravan Plots

    I just made this post in another thread, but it really felt like a bit of a departure from the thread topic. So, I kept thinking about it, and fleshing it out more. I think what I have now is pretty close to a complete idea. What I propose is a new plot type; Caravan These plots would be...
  3. lxSempiternal

    Vertibird Plot

    Hey I just wanted to aks if someone (maybe the expansion pack authors) could create a Vertibird Transportation Plot, that would enable you, if build, to use vertibirds just like if you were allied with the BoS. Balancewise this Plot could be integrated in the techtree of IR and have a high...