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  1. R

    Sim Settlements 2 settler recruitment

    I am currently getitng deeper into my 2. SS2 playthorugh and i am starting to wondering if I have a bug with my settler recruitment. When I place a vanilla recruitment beacon i get the initial settler spawn right away, as intended by workshop framework. One difference I noticed since I...
  2. D


  3. I Punch Demons

    I have a few issues with Sim Settlements 2 and I am trying to identify them.

    So I am not sure if SS2 modifies the Red Rocket settlement, but when I enter it I fall through the floor. This isn't ToD errors. This is literally the Red Rocket Settlement not loading the interior. Maybe I am forgetting a mod. I get intermittent crashing when I attempt to load doors. This fixes...
  4. N

    City Plan, missing resources, SS2

    Hey guys I'm trying to do city plans from the start but I can't do it in SS2. I keep getting the pop up "missing resources". I thought that I needed to complete the related quest first. But that bugged out so I had to skip it in the console command. I have the sensors, I have donated resources...
  5. S

    SS1 to SS2

    Will deleting SS1 and downloading SS2 remove all the settlement plans I currently have constructed? How likely is this to break my game also?
  6. S

    Question Where there is smoke. (Can't progress)

    The main quest is bugged for me. On the Quest "Where there is Smoke". After killing all the Gunners both NPCs just stand there and I can't talk to them to progress the storyline. The quest marker is still just out side the little settlement. Now I just checked and my save won't load after...
  7. C


    Is Settlers of the Commonwealth compatible with SS2? I read through the compatibility section on the website, but I just want to make sure, because I know there was a mod released for SS1 with settlers of the commonwealth and leaders mixed into it. Im new to Sim Settlements altogether, and I...
  8. BinaryMisfit

    The Stranger is extremely rude.... Can he please get a talking to?

    So I have had a few occasions now where the Stranger has followed me into Homeplate to give me the ASAM sensors to start the SS2 quest. I find this extremely rude as I never invited him into Homeplate in the first place. This might just be a personal choice but can we have him not invade my...
  9. Rojobow

    RIP Carne Asada, Luke & Akira

    Making all settlers (including SS characters) mortal + SKK SettlementAttackSystem on 100%capacity/100% difficult =:skull:skull:skull:skull They fought bravely. We must have killed 2 or 3 times our number. In the end... only 3 of my 10 settlers were left standing. We simply were not ready for...
  10. X

    HELP Fast CTD when hovering over plots in SS2 Build Menu

    This problem started after i started the quest to get martial commercial and recreational plots... I can't build at all and it's really frustrating my load order is fine and my mod is 100% updated to latest version and i even disabled all my add-on packs for SS2 i am on PC... The issue goes like...
  11. BranBran

    Constant crashing, need some help

    Hey all, I keep crashing, it was completely fine up to yesterday, over 24hours into this game. I really don't want to lose my progress, as such I have 4 logs which show constant script use of SS2. No idea why this is happening, is there a way to stop it? Any help is appreciated as I don't know...
  12. TopHatFetus

    Merchants say their line but don't open the buy menu

    I just updated to the new release of SS2 and my boy franklin won't sell me anything. He says stuff like "Human stuff for human... people!" or "You can use this stuff to buy other stuff!" When I talk to him but the buy menu never opens. Does anyone know what's up?
  13. VersusXV

    Sim Settlements 2 - Superstructures Addon Pack Additional New Plots for Sim Settlements 2 + Foundations/Terraformers + Interior Cell Settlement. Including the new Municipal type & various 1x1 & 3x3 sized plots. A variety of themes & some with simple designs, others with complex designs New...