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  1. Dual M

    SS1 and Conqueror not uninstalled?

    Before starting a new game with SS2 installed I uninstalled SS1 and Conqueror. Having gotten into a new game for a few hours I notice that the SS1 and Conqueror menus are still available in the ESC menu. Also, I set up a generator and recruitment beacon and the main SS2 character has not...
  2. Melon Lord

    Resolved This mod kills save files

    So I've just installed SS2 and some texture mods. I can start a new game, but every time I try to load a save - it's CTD. Any solutions for this?
  3. BranBran

    Constant crashing, need some help

    Hey all, I keep crashing, it was completely fine up to yesterday, over 24hours into this game. I really don't want to lose my progress, as such I have 4 logs which show constant script use of SS2. No idea why this is happening, is there a way to stop it? Any help is appreciated as I don't know...
  4. snarkhunter

    Safest way to completely scrap a settlement?

    I have been working in Outpost Zimonja and just saved a WF layout. To test it out as an import, I cleared the settlement by first deleting all WF layers (which should move all objects back to the default layer), and then using the workbench Space) Manage / Scrap Settlement option. This has...
  5. snarkhunter

    1.0.0g and Grey Matters

    The tree of choices in this quest seems not to be working quite right when I enter the Hotel Room for the first time. a) If I ignore the terminal and go straight over to the dresser, I can see Audra's Stash, and then choose to leave it, or spike it with Psycho or Addictol. However at this point...
  6. Keaba

    My game dead

    So i just started to use ss2 and found a bug closed the game checked for updates found there was an update foe ss2 and afew othe mods so i updated everything annnnd f4se broke i don't know what happened voetex shows everything should be fine and honestly I don't know where to ask for help other...
  7. S

    Solved Game crashes when I approach a Conqueror pre-built settlement

    Hi all, This is my first post on this forum and I hope I'm doing it right, as I've long been a fan of Youtubers using Sim Settlements and only recently decided to try the mod out myself. I've started a heavily modded playthrough of Fallout 4 and am really enjoying it, having started a city plan...
  8. Ulfric1

    Question Armory not Giving Equipment

    I'm working on a faction pack for SS Conqueror and I'm testing some of the stuff I've added at this point. I have a rank 2 armory built but it doesn't add the equipment I included for recruits to my existing recruits or the newer ones I got after building it. They should be getting light combat...
  9. S

    Question No vassals in range bug

    I cannot acquire any vassals when talking to Jammer as he will say "Just remember, you're only killin' the hired guns. You can beat down the settlers, but don't kill 'em." "Eh, there's nothin' close enough to our outposts to hit right now, Boss." Notes: -Main base is in Starlight -I rediscovered...
  10. Keaba

    Question New items are purple

    I have just restarted playing conqueror as i found one of my mods was causeing problems such as turning buildings invisable but not am finding the chem stash in superduper mart is purple (missing texture) ive moved sim settlements up in my load order tonsee if that would fix this it did not so...
  11. TheRavensCall

    Question Raider happiness???

    Ok.. so I finally solved the rations, wages and salvage problem and now have a surplus of each coming in. However at my outpost my raiders are constantly loosing happiness and I have no idea how to fix this. Any help is appreciated.
  12. TheRavensCall

    Question workshop inaccessible in vassal settlement.

    So I took over Oberland Station as a vassal settlement. However I can not access the workbench and I have no idea how supplies get from vassal settlements to main base. Any explanation is appreciated.
  13. EZ2TILT64

    Question Sim Setttlement Conqueror Armory help

    Hi everyone, So the story is, I downloaded Minutemen Liberator pack and quite enjoyed it. I fiddled around the Armory rank system in CK to change the outfit and weapon to my liking but it did not reflect in game, the soldier's equipment remained at Minutemen Private i.e. rank 1 level. Things I...
  14. S

    Question What should I expect from an Armory?

    I'm working on a Conq faction, and have defined the loadouts... and things don't seem right. With MCM options all ON and Armory Equip ON for both of my personal guards, only *one* got gear (placed in their inventory, but not equipped). After that, neither got gear (but the HUD still stated that...
  15. S

    Question ...of Armories, Rank(Outfit|Weapon|Gear), and LeveledItems

    I have a custom Conqueror faction far enough along that my soldiers appear via 'cqf kgconq_soldiermanager TestSpawnSoldiers', wearing the outfits I've defined, and holding their initial ranks. They level up correctly via soldiermanager, and taking a vassal works as expected. Their outfits are...
  16. TheRavensCall

    Question Noob Question regarding initial quests and Homebase

    So I'm doing Jammers quests and realized after I went and killed Jared that I had not initiated SS holotape. Did that. However Jammer is staying in Concord by the playground and there are now random raiders roaming around. Did I break it.. or will he eventually ask to take over a settlement for...
  17. valkyriejack

    Question Can't assign raiders roles

    Sorry if this has been answered before. I haven't been able to assign any roles to my raiders. The prompt for it doesn't show up. I have auto-assign on, and it's been assigning them to be guards and warriors ect, but I'm not able to assign them to patrol. I was wondering if maybe one of my...
  18. E

    Solved need help with identifying scripts

    hello there, new to the forums and new to Sim Settlements, I've tried doing what I can with troubleshooting for myself, but have hit a wall in identifying what is causing all these active scripts in my game, which is what is obviously causing Sim Settlements problems for me. I have 238 active...
  19. LeBonk

    Solved How to disable specific building plans?

    There are a few residential interior plots (some added by addon packs) that I dislike, and I would prefer that they aren't built when the game chooses a random building plan to build. Is there a (safe*) way to prevent them from being built? *By "safe" I mean "ideally won't cause problems with...
  20. P

    Solved "Regular" settlements along side Conquer in the same game?

    It's been months since the last time I played, not sure if it was intentional or not but are you still able to have some settlements just be standard vanilla and some outposts / vassals? For example if I add Starlight Drive to the do NOT to pre-build when the game first loads. I then go and...