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  1. VersusXV

    Unique NPC Stat Rebalancing Discussion

    What are people's thoughts about NPC Stat Rebalancing? NPC Stat Cards are pretty straightforward but there's still deciding on SPECIAL stat values(which can affect plot output values). I think an official SS2 NPC rebalancing is probably not likely, so separate mods are probably the way...
  2. K

    Question Let settlers take care of everything

    I'm a completely ne player to sim settlements 2, I've just completed the tutorial to get the sensors. However my question is: is it possible to let my settlers take care of everything? By that I mean can I let them place down plot on their own? I think that was how sim settlements 1 worked...
  3. AnielskieOczka

    Settlers not moving, frozen at one place [SOLVED]

    Hello guys, First things first, to visualise what my problem exactly looks like, I'll post this video I recorded showing all the issues I got: And now the background. These problems appeared just after I installed RotC DLC to SS2. Before, Sanctuary Hills (the only settlement I used City Plan...
  4. Et0hman

    Unable to assign an unemployed setttler to a plot, no resources availble for upgrades

    How can I get around this? I tried putting supplies, 10 grand in caps into the donation box and it has not helped. This is at Somerville place. I was able to stand up a couple of recreation plots that quickly got assignments, but commercial and industrial plots are throwing this error. Oh...
  5. M

    settlers acting wierd

    i dont know wat i did wrong was just trying to figure out why i had a food shortage in my network when i noticed my 3 advanced farms where unemployed and no matter wat i try i cant get them to keep th farmers i assign them to actualy stay assigned is there a way to fix this i mean thru de...
  6. Et0hman

    Problem moving a named settler to a new settlement

    I initially sent the cave/mushroom farm family to Abernathy farm... But once again the cow came inside the structure. So ran around completing quests and then came back. The cow was still in the house. So I told all of the members of the family and Franklin to go to Sunshine. Franklin made it...
  7. G

    Where can I find more info on Settler Stats?

    Title. Also, there's a surprising lack of guidance for some of the more intricate details of gameplay, including how SPECIAL stats affect building plots (or at least how to find the info). I hope the wiki gets worked on soon...
  8. D

    Why won't they shut up...

    My settlements have enough everything. Food. Water. Beds (This one is important). Defenses. Even damn amenities (recreational plots)! But the settlers for some GOD DAMNABLE REASON keep saying "People are sleeping in shifts." "People been talking about the bed situation" BLAH DEE DAH DEE FREAKING...
  9. D

    Question Settlers in Hangman's Alley not moving at all

    I have a problem that began when I converted the settlement with the city planner's desk and put Ada in-charge of it. Coming back a game in-game days later I found that I had around 5 settlers there now but all of them were gathered roughly in front of the desk next to the ramp and none of them...
  10. Salvinha

    Question Invisible settler bug. Any solution?

    Hey guys, I'm having this problem here: Does anyone have a solution to that? I also have an invisible settler at Sanctuary, the one in Sanctuary is also a child (and different from Red Rocket, I don't use any city plan in Sanctuary). Settler mods installed: Sim Settlements 3 in 1 + All years...
  11. Red Fang

    Question To turn sensor off?

    Hi there, I know this is somewhat a dumb question to ask but, how do I turn off this sensor that makes an unemployed settler turn yellow? I've been looking on it on the holotape but I can't seem to find it. Can you guys help? Thanks, Red Fang
  12. L

    Question cant move settlers

    Hi. After i made sanctuary an outpost, i decided i wanted it back as a settlement. i dismantled it and it asked me where i wanted to send soldiers, i picked red rocket. but it went nearly all of my settlers there too (including mama murphy, sturges, jun, marcy etc). now when i go to RR and...
  13. M

    Question Mortal Civilians?

    I'm about 7 hours into a new playthrough and I'm running better settlers with mortality turned on. I like the idea of my settlements facing threats with real consequences, and while civilians add variety, it kinda kills it for me when 3/4 of a settlement is populated with them yet only one...
  14. Bullitt659

    Question cant assign settlers, auto destruct leaves behind buildings

    Hi all. I just updated my Sim Settlements mod with the latest patch & started to use the newer community made city plans but I have come across a couple of issues that have got me baffled. Firstly my settlers are not being assigned to plots even though I have selected all the auto-assign options...
  15. smogmonster512

    Question Can you get more settlers in Vassals?

    I have some open beds and work plots in a few of my Vassals with no one available to be assigned to them. I had all settlements pre-built. Is it possible to either recruit via beacon or move settlers to your Vassals? Most of my Vassals are level 2 or 3 with high happiness and all needs met...
  16. Iztari

    Solved Getting all settlers in a settlement..?

    Is there an "inbuilt" function to retrive/hijack all current settlers refID in a settlement, or are you stuck with functions like: FindAllReferencesWithKeyword?
  17. M

    Question RoC Can't assign settlers anymore?!

    After I assign a leader and choose a plan, i cant assign settlers. Doesnt matter which settlement. There is no message nor a sound, they just run/go to the object and than they leave it and go away... I dont know why. This affect all my settlements even non SS.
  18. Otherwhere

    Old Post Enslaved not defaulting to Agricultural plots

    I'm running into assignment issues, especially when I enslave a settlement. Since the Raiders remain at that camp, they start to take on plot assignments including agricultural. Can you - or are they supposed to - have the Enslaved take priority on the farming plots so that I don't have to...
  19. SavageRock

    Promising Mod Vanished

    There was a very promising mod released a couple of weeks ago. The Mod seemed as if it would have been a shoe-in at some point for integration into SS officially, and definitely, at least in my opinion a valuable addon to existing playthroughs... That Mod was Settlers Legends. Does anyone know...
  20. Cranky Cat

    Out of control settler recruitment

    I first noticed this last weekend after the latest SS release although I don't know if it was an issue before and maybe I didn't notice. Suddenly I'm going to settlements and seeing 7 to 10 unemployed settlers after not visiting for a while. I notice happiness was dropping and look at the...