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  1. Stahlhelm_TV

    Question Constantly CTD's with my current Modlist including sim Settelments

    Update 1: Tried to clean the Load order and remove some Mods which where listed as incompatible. (Check Bottom of Post) Update 2: Added a few Recommended Mods and changed WOTC to esm in the header file which should solve problems(nexus mod comment) now Jammer doesn't Talk to me when i enter...
  2. mdeligt_

    Question Game won't even load Sim Settlements

    I am having issues with the game and it seems that it won't even load/recognize Sim Settlements. I downloaded Sim Settlements in August or September 2019 and it worked fine until yesterday when I downloaded the latest version from Nexus and it stopped working. I was using NMM and the game loaded...
  3. InsanoPotato

    Question Conqueror Progress Bar Disappears and Missing War Planners Desk

    Hello again, I'm having some issues with the conqueror progress bar. If that is not what it is called, then I'll describe it as best I can. It's the notification at the top left of the screen that tells you what percent the game is at when it is building the settlements, placing objects, etc...
  4. RayBo

    SOTS - Junky thoughts

    :bye Just a humble thought. This mod is getting very near to its next major release. My attitude has always been when starting a new game is to pay attention to potential new releases or big updates that I may want to add in the next few months. SOT is more of a mid-late game mod, so for...
  5. Sirlach

    Fun Combat Oriented Gameplay Mod Mix.

    Hi All, Not directly related to SS but I've just built a synth Raider/Institute/Evil Play though game build and I am having a great time. It's a combat focused play though so I don't have to spend my time picking up every item of scrap I'm not doing crafting in the early levels so I have to...
  6. RayBo

    Announcement Mystic Pines by fftfan

    aka our own: @VersusXV
  7. Liberty Bull

    Solved Is SS/Conqueror compatible with BLD or mods that change vanilla NPC health, damage etc?

    Basically I'm looking to do a Better Locational Damage playthrough, and I notice with Conqueror there are loads of NPCs added. The question is, do these NPCs use actual vanilla stats links / are they actual vanilla raiders from vanilla leveled lists or are they new NPCs that simply have their...
  8. StormbringerGT

    Mod List Feedback and Suggestions

    Hey everyone. I am absolutely and completely in love with Sim Settlements. I'm late to the party but catching up. I decided to play through Fallout 4 again, this time with the game modded. At Obsidian we have a very special internal build (think pre-modded) of Fallout New Vegas that I spent...
  9. Azarithkazehana

    List of cool mods that go well with sim settlements.

    #1. Cars/Trucks Lootable #2. Open and Loot Boxes #3. Vault Containers can be Looted These are 3 mods I really enjoy cause it adds more loot to the game and its pretty well balanced loot also. Plus it just makes senses cause why can't you loot most of these things in the base game other wise...
  10. Azarithkazehana

    Xbox one mod load order assistance PLEASE?

    This is my mod list in order from top to bottom: #1. Unofficial Fallout 4 patch all DLCs #2. Armor and weapons keywords full version #3. Sim settlements ver.44 #4.[XB1] Sim settlements Wasteland Ventures #5. Settlement menu manager #6. HUDFramework #7. Immersive Market stores #8.[XB1] STS-scrape...
  11. Azarithkazehana

    Closed Red Rocket keeps CTD [xbox1]

    Ok need some help here I'm trying to manually place down DFTurrets at red rocket to raise the defense of the settlement since i don't have enough settlers to do it with plots I'm using S.S. Ver.44 and every time i go near corner when facing toward sanctuary that would send me in the direction of...
  12. B

    Defense Problem

    So I started a new game with SS IR + RotC, (Heavily modded, which may or may not be the cause) but in every settlement my defense according to the SS toolbar is at -40, this includes Sanctuary which I started with the city planner which changed to -34 with two farms and a martial plot built the...
  13. Sterga

    Enclave Lore and Fan Radio?

    Enclave Lore It seems there isn't much depth to the Enclave lore wise. I read the wiki and watched some videos, but they seem to be a fairly generic evil empire. Basic gist I got was they're an old world, mysterious shadow government full of super patriots that want to rebuild America and kill...