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  1. HyperLordBender

    Compiled Suggestions

    So I am someone that makes ALOT of suggestions. So I will be putting them all in here. All new suggestions will have their own post in this thread, then linked in this OP. MCM Settings: Currently the MCM settings pages are very long. Would be good to have more pages for this. Gameplay for one...
  2. W

    Solved Help with using with MCM

    I know this probably a stupid question and I apologize if this is mentioned elsewhere, but I have had the sim settlements installed for a little while now (installed through the PC version inside game) and Ihave no idea how to get it to connect to my MCM?
  3. Iztari

    Question Why doen't local settings use Global settings?

    It has always bugged me that Local plot settings always ignore the default Global settings, when you start to become my age and becoming forgetfull and wonder why you settlement doesn't have any trade routes any more. Or why the heck that robot is just idling with a pack-brahmin for days, until...
  4. S

    Can't undo - can't create layers

    Hi! First off - Thanks for a great mod! I have encountered a problem and I can't find a solution. When I try to undo things it says "[WS Plus] Nothing to redo", but I'm not trying to REDO things, I want to UNDO them. If I try to click on the assigned redo-button it says the same thing. I...
  5. tre.archy

    Build limits

    Hi all, just thought it would be cool if the MCM menu for this mod allowed one to increase the build limits of settlements. I know there are mods that do this, but I feel that it fits well with this framework and could add to its completeness. Great work BTW, love this and WS+
  6. Dracony

    Issues With The Holotape Options

    So I decided to make a new save and start Sim Settlements over fresh, and noted several issues with the holotape options: The Citizen Needs HUD is supposed to be in the middle by default. However, despite the option being Middle it always appears at the bottom of the screen. I have to cycle all...
  7. B


    Okay granted I don't hear very good and maybe I did not hear it correctly, but Kinggath the last two videos has used this abbreviation? MCM? I have searched here and on Nexus mods and I am not finding anything on that. Am I hearing it correctly? what does it stand for?
  8. Dracony

    Script Overload?

    So, I updated Sim Settlements to version 3.2.3 yesterday and everything was working fine. I saved the game, and went to bed. Now when I try to load my save, it crashes like 3 seconds after I get in the game. I have a sneaking suspicion what it might be... This is what FallrimTools show: I...
  9. Dark_Technician

    [OLD] Mod Configuration Menu Support

    So.. I just finished assembling a menu file for Sim Settlements. Doesn't include a couple sections, mainly the Help, Tools, and some other sections, but for quick access, it should still work nicely. Goes in Fallout 4/Data/MCM/Config/SimSettlements folder. (You WILL have to create the...