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  1. S

    SS1 to SS2

    Will deleting SS1 and downloading SS2 remove all the settlement plans I currently have constructed? How likely is this to break my game also?
  2. P

    Issues with Multi-person residential (Scrapheap Skyrise + Wasteland Manor)

    only just started using SS2 (never used SS1) on PC so this could well be me being dense, but would appreciate any help offered. just unlocked Multi person class, and I'm finding that scrapheap skyrise isn't loading correctly. the plot renders, as does the clutter, but that's it. the furniture...
  3. K

    Sunshine Tidings Co-op

    I can't seem to be able to get Sunshine Tidings to finish rebuilding. It gets to 94% and it won't complete. Is there a way to fix this issue?
  4. 2

    Can't seem to get SS2 started up - likely something dumb

    Hey, all. Getting back into the Fallout series and am new to the modding scene. SS2 looks like what I remember wishing F4 was on release so when I couldn't get it to work, I really hit my head against the wall for a while before giving up and coming here. I've attached some screenshots that...
  5. TheManiaac

    Who Can? ASAM! Cannot progress

    So I've recently started the Who Can? ASAM! quest, and I met up with Hubert's people. Problem is, however, that when I try to speak to anyone, they either say hello, or nothing at all. (Hubert himself and Stodge, the one the quest maker is above). I can't start any conversation with them. If...
  6. P

    Wiki not updated or broken?

    I've noticed some the wiki links are not working, specifically the basics, and as I'm brand new to sim settlements it kind of an issue, the link for status icons and city manager workbench and so on do not bring me to another page but instead say there's an Error and page does not exist? anyone...
  7. Q

    Cannot use cqf SS2_PlotManager console command to upgrade all plots in a settlement.

    I've encountered a problem with a SS2 console command and have spent a bit searching the internet and trying to debug it on my own to no avail. I started creating a city plan for SS2 recently, and I've been reading through the wiki as a guide. On the City Level Guidelines page it has a console...
  8. S

    Question For the love of God help

    Newbie warning So recently transitioned from xbox to a high end pc. So I'm brand new to the modding world. I got fallout 4 and am using the in-game mod menu (bethesdas mods) since nexus still seems intimidating and bethesda mods seem to have all I want anyways. So I was able to get 20 hours...
  9. A

    Jake Not Showing Up

    I've tried 4-5 different save files old and new, and Jake never shows up. I do the recruitment beacon after i grab the magazine and ill wait literally 30 real life minutes and he never shows up, I've tried waiting and sleeping and he just doesn't seem to be coming. could I spawn him in and just...
  10. J

    [BUGs] the Grudge, ASAM undeletable, fake building upgrades, blank plan & leader lists

    So I started up a brand new, absolutely clean save, to test SS2, for a four-day in-game time. These are some uncommon bugs which other players didn't mention: 1. Side mission stuck - The Grudge: Bounty Hunter's body has been cleared, but stage was not marked as done. The bot in next stage didn't...
  11. X

    HELP Fast CTD when hovering over plots in SS2 Build Menu

    This problem started after i started the quest to get martial commercial and recreational plots... I can't build at all and it's really frustrating my load order is fine and my mod is 100% updated to latest version and i even disabled all my add-on packs for SS2 i am on PC... The issue goes like...
  12. R

    [SPOILERS] West Everett Estates bug

    So following Jake's advice I went to West Everett Estates to clear out the muties, went down to the basement and dealt with the mutants there as well, however I couldn't pick up any ASAMs there! There are a bunch of ASAMs laying on the table, but I can only press "Activate" on them, I cannot...
  13. T

    Instant CTD When Nearing Sanctuary

    Instant CTD when I walk or fast travel into the sanctuary cell. I've tested every single mod I have installed and SS2 is definitely the issue. I've installed the XDI patch though it still crashes even when it's removed and it's the only listed incompatibility that I have installed afaik. I...
  14. J

    CTD Approaching Sanctuary

    Apologies if there is information anywhere else, I searched high and low but could only find information regarding SS1, and none of the fixes/workarounds/commands for that work. Basically, my game has been stuck on plotting the future since launch, even through all of the betas, but the 1.0.1...
  15. Jimmyjam225

    Stuck on the radio

    So I’m on Xbox, I can’t finish the misc quest that says listen to Jake’s Private Frequency, thing is I play it and no sound absolutely
  16. M

    Industrial plots plans. Can't use anything else than basic materials.

    Is there a quest requirement or something? Am I just missing something or is there something wrong with my game. The only plans i can select in the ASAM change build plan is basic material plans. Everything else is working asi it should. Also when i tried using the cheat version they were there...
  17. N

    [Solved] Can't Find Workshop Framework on XBox

    Hello! I am looking to download sim settlements 2, but I don't have the Workshop Framework mod downloaded and I can't find it on the bethesda website. Am I missing something? Did it get taken down for some reason? Please help!
  18. M

    No new quests starting?

    I've just finished the Dog quest getting Nuka to the settlement and now I nothing new is starting. No new quests, NPCs, or radio broadcasts have started and Jake is still at the Sattelite Station not moving or talking to me. Is there something I need to do to progress or did I get bugged somewhere?
  19. PlatypusKing10

    Primary Bug Report General - Plots fail to show resource costs required to updgrade (show 45 [...] instead)

    So I started the mod, haven’t had any major issues getting started so that’s good. But on my 5th plot or so, I started getting the popup that I can’t afford the construction costs. The holographic popups don’t show any materials or anything in the third row so I have no idea what I need to...
  20. E

    Vim and Vigor - Can't Activate Vault/Comm-Hub (potential bug)

    When I return to Jake with the vit-o-matic he tells me to turn on the hub, I get a prompt to activate the comm hub but that does nothing. The only other thing I can activate is the ham radio on the vault-hub but that does nothing. Can't sit in the seat and I can't interact with any other...