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file size

  1. Tinuvia

    Wasteland Venturers now 85MB smaller for xbox!

    We've used a different method for the building plans. This made it possible to reduce the file size of Wasteland Venturers (WV1) by a whopping 85 MB while keeping all the content the same. So grab it now! XB1 Hopefully this will also help you guys with the file management when the new Conqueror...
  2. Tinuvia

    Looking for Xbox players to help test

    For our latest update (6.0.1a) we used a different archive packager that reduces the file size of Wasteland Venturers on from 334MB to 200MB. Some other addons use this packager for, but since we don't play on xbox we'd like help from xbox users to confirm that the new...