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  1. RayBo

    Announcement Creation Club update is coming!

    Just a Friendly Reminder for F4SE users. We will be getting a Creation Club update around the 21st, so do your thing.
  2. J

    3.5.0 PC Controller Issues - F4SE

    I downloaded and installed 3.5.0 via Vortex, and when I did in the Pip-boy one button press moved the selection by two units in all menus unless there was only one option left to choose in that direction. When I reinstalled 3.4.6 the game went back to normal. I am willing to try to recreate this...
  3. spacefiddle

    Current version of f4se may generate a false positive with antivirus

    I just had Kaspersky tell me f4se was a malicious object (and there was no option in the damn pop-up to whitelist it or cancel the disinfection, which is annoying - I got out of it by rebooting and doing a force-close when Windows was waiting on it). Other products might do this as well, so if...