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duplication bug

  1. HyperLordBender

    Bug ROTC - Starlight Drive in issues

    Ive been having issues with this settlement. Often has corrupted power grids (see second spoiler) and duplicated plots. Refreshing the plan takes in excess of 20 minutes (See first spoiler). This is not a PC issue, as none of my resources are maxed out, and there is no script lag (using SKK's...
  2. bindermichi

    Problems with settlement City Plan scraping and re-building

    Rebuilding a city plan shows some more or less annoying bugs with "leftovers" find the following scenarios Starting a City Plan after manually putting down some plots Scraping Settlement to rebuild at any time Both will create leftovers during the "reset" phase. In most cases just remaining...
  3. S

    Inventory dupe bug?

    So I just completed the Grey Matters quest, after killing Anton and going up to Audras room and recruiting her for my settlement, I interacted with her and an exact duplicate of my inventory appeared, where a settlers inventory usually would in the trading menu.
  4. Frank Carolingian

    Primary Bug Report City Plan - Random CTDs & furniture duplication with Sanctuary City Plan

    Hello! I've really been enjoying this mod so far, especially the story elements, however I've encountered two issues within my game on the PC that i believe stem from my use of city plans. The first and most annoying of the two is constant random CTDs within Sanctuary that only started...
  5. E

    Closed Item duplication bug

    Noticed this when donating a couple things to settlement, specifically gum drops at first then other things that don't actually count as food I guess. Donate 4 gum drops get 4 back donate them again quickly you get 8 back do it again get 16 back, got up to 2700 gum drops doing this multiple...