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    Question Guards quit plot

    this happens with all my vasals as well, when i arrive at a settlement the guards will be all assigned correctly, but after a while they will one by one get unassigned, waiting long enough (from 8 to 10 minutes) they all get reassigned, but thats quite the absurd amount of time, especially when...
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    Question Jammer Dialogue Issues

    this happened in my game as well, for me jammer was in a dialog with a npc, but a settlement attack happened and they all went to fight, i ended up mistakenly killing the dude he was talking to without noticing and kept playing, once i finally noticed i could not speak with him, what i did was...
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    Random Crashing

    i were having crashs with the option to auto detect the number of threads for sim settlements, had to set manually to a number like 10 which is the default