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  1. Kytampe

    Minuteman Guard Force missing texture?

    I can't find the problem. My son downloaded it to his Xbox and it works just fine for him. So I'm at a loss here. Anyone who can help out with this is welcomed.
  2. Kytampe

    Minuteman Guard Force missing texture?

    I'll check this out again. Not sure what's wrong since my addon seems to be working. At least, I haven't gotten any complaints. Yet.. :wink
  3. Kytampe

    Minuteman Guard Force missing texture?

    I checked this out and these issues with missing textures should now be resolved in the megapack. Thanks for reporting this to me and again, sorry for the late reply.
  4. Kytampe

    Minuteman Guard Force missing texture?

    I'll better have a chat with Kinggath then and see what I can do. Thanks for reporting this, and again, I'm sorry for the late reply.
  5. Kytampe

    v1.0.3, Desk Textures

    Sorry, forgot to check in on a regurlar basis. And for some reason the alerts I should've gotten when someone posts never came. Is this still a problem?
  6. Kytampe


    Sorry everyone I missed this. I have no excuse other than I obviously forget to check in from time to time. Is this fixed in the megapack or is it something I need to do?
  7. Kytampe

    Minuteman Guard Force missing texture?

    Sorry everyone, I missed this totally. Is this problem solved or is there somerhing I can do to help? Afterall it is my mod originally.
  8. Kytampe

    Patch Delay

    I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take all the time you need too, and take care of yourself and your family. :heart
  9. Kytampe

    Bug Settlers unassign themselves

    With "unassign" do you mean that they walk away from the com station? They do that from time to time, apparently they are allowed to have coffe breaks and such things. It doesn't mean they actually unassign themselves.
  10. Kytampe

    Minutemen Guard Force searchlight

    Hi and sorry for the delay in answering. You are right, it would be more logical. And I really don't know what I was thinking when I put it there. But as I'm updating the addon now I'll be sure to move it to the right side.
  11. Kytampe

    What I'm currently working on!

    I finally managed to fix some bugs and and redid some textures. This isn't everything planned, more will come. But since I really have so much luck with computers and crashing right now. I decided to do this in stages rather than the whole thing at once as my earlier plan was.
  12. Kytampe

    What I'm currently working on!

    Thank you @Koeran83 . You are right, perhaps I do have to high expectations of myself. I always tell my employees that as long as they do theire best, noone can claim more. Perhaps I should live as I learn? 0:D
  13. Kytampe

    What I'm currently working on!

    It is slowly taking form. I'm finally done redoing the Brickhouse and the Busstop. Unfortunately, since I'm redoing almost every texture, I can't release this addon until all of the plots are finished. Right now it's just purple textures everywhere, besides these two plots. But as it stands now...
  14. Kytampe

    Brothers at Arms - Faction dependant settlement plans

    I was also thinking, a year back or so, that I would make some faction addons. Still haven't had the time for it. So much to do, so little time. :moil
  15. Kytampe

    Old Post Powered lights in plans

    Look at kinggaths powered lights and see what he has done. I usually use his "no power" lights on those lvls I want to be dark. Or I mimic his settings. But remember that some lights also give away a small amount of light weather it has lights or not. It has to do with the animations. (And I'm...
  16. Kytampe

    The Bus Stop missing textures...

    That goes without saying. :drinks
  17. Kytampe

    The Bus Stop missing textures...

    I didn't have any problems on my side, but just to be sure I downloaded the files from Nexus and I have to admit, I did a dodo somewhere. I uploaded the wrong texture pack and that is why some textures is missing. Unfortunately since I'm overhauling like a mad frenzy @uituit on steroids, I don't...
  18. Kytampe

    What I'm currently working on!

    Thank you, it warms my heart to hear that. :<3: I have some ideas for both shops and farms and that was why I decided to do an overhaul. I have to make the addon a tad bit smaller before I start adding more plots. Otherwise it gets to big and that's not so good either. Unfortunately I can't...
  19. Kytampe

    Um... You are aware that with SS farmers can only feed 4 people, right?

    Yea, I always make sure I have Abernathy Farm up and running at maximum food production and then let the supply lines do what they are supposed to do. It's a bit harder this way than the vanilla. But then I love it hard and always play in survival mode. :grin
  20. Kytampe

    The purple bustop level 3 bed not registering as one.

    As do we all. :grin