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  1. Rites

    Stangers first mission

    Same crash, good to see a fix is coming. Sorry our Xbox's don't quite agree with keeping things simple, lol
  2. Rites

    advance defence system discussion ,question and recomended mod to improve

    I only recently started playing again, and have started building with Sar Deliac's tips in mind. I probably butchered the name.... Anywho.... FO4 has a tendency to sometimes "teleport" attackers into the walls, so from my understanding of his tip. Create pathways in and out of your settlements...
  3. Rites

    Civil Affairs: Old Business, New Business

    Cystipigs have invaded the Commonwealth! Lol
  4. Rites

    Suggestion Limited Ammo Support

    Automated realism....... More scripts working in background...... Pretty sure it can be done, but I find my Xbox can get bogged down with too many realism mods, so I have to shy away from the ones that don't pertain to the main character. Conqueror already adds a plot in which the dead bodies...
  5. Rites

    Suggestion Automation salvage pickup crew

    More for aesthetic/RP, but could you add an automatron style salvage crew? Like a Mr. Handy followed by a sentry bot? I am one of those players that replace human provisioners with automatrons once I complete the mechanist quests, and it just makes a little more sense to me that automatrons...
  6. Rites

    Returning to the 'wealth

    It's been a few months since I have played and I have recently looked into the new patch videos which have me roaring to do another Jammer playthrough. So I am asking the Xbox player community, what is a good mod list for a survival mode conqueror playthrough. Just a note: I will not use...
  7. Rites

    Solved ("What is the command?") Don't do Creationclub kids

    Even kinggath has said that forcing the script to start is a bad idea. The people here always try to help move your game forward with hopefully less problems than you started with. If their advise is to "not" give you the shortcut you are asking for, then I'm quite positive they are doing so...
  8. Rites

    Solved PC Console Command to Prevent Danse from Attacking Me During a Vassal Assault

    Amazing follower tweaks is a mod I used to change the likes and dislikes if followers. Though I haven't played the most recent update to conqueror, so not sure if things still work.
  9. Rites

    Solved mod start up menu not apearing

    Conqueror doesn't play nice when forced last I read
  10. Rites

    Solved conqueror expansion not found

    You can use start me up, but stay in the room until all the scripts finish for conqueror setup (bar on top left). After the conqueror scripts, save, then enable overhaul mods. Save, enable quest mods, etc.... All your weapon and armor mods can be enabled last. It's ok to enable mods (most) mid...
  11. Rites

    Announcement Sim Settlements Conqueror Faction Pack- Minutemen (Liberators)

    Yeah, new game sounds like a much better idea. Anytime you add or remove mods mid game, you are just asking for issues.
  12. Rites

    Survival mode

    Well I've completed all achievements with base game and most of the dlc on survival, just need to complete far harbor for the last of the achievements. There is a very extensive list of mods I would normally use, but again this is an achievement run on Xbox. I do have to admit, the biggest...
  13. Rites

    Suggestion City building cost (RoC)

    There is a setting in the options where you have to gather the scrap, but I believe level 0 (foundation) has always been free.
  14. Rites

    Suggestion Limited Ammo Support

    I think the OP wanted a way to give limited ammunition to settlers. And as far as I know, there is no way to do this in SS itself. Donation system boosts defense rating of the city, doesn't really equip the settlers. And industrial city has an ammo Depot (or whatever it's called) to make...
  15. Rites

    Suggestion Vault plots

    I don't believe you can start attacks from vault 88. I don't believe it registers a sphere of influence. Also, there is a vault pack, I don't know what plots it has, but might be worth looking into. And industrial city pack also has many interior plots that you can use.
  16. Rites

    Question Headless gunman issue

    Yes. You have to enslave the Gunner with a normal slave collar first, then Ophelia puts new collar on to finish the quest.
  17. Rites

    Question Some basic questions from a new player

    I use city plans and how I adjust for influx between city levels is by having a shack with 5-10 sleeping bags and 6 or so vanilla plants and maybe a scrap collector or 2 built at edge of the settlement. If you don't touch auto assign, SS prioritizes plots over vanilla stuff. So when the city...
  18. Rites

    Suggestion Starting quest/tutorial

    I'd go for this. I don't really do minutemen too much ( I like actual motives instead of being the failsafe) but I would be willing to do a Minuteman run if it had some beef in its story arc.
  19. Rites

    Question The New Forged Dissapear

    Did you already clear saugus beforehand?
  20. Rites

    Question Does Conqueror play nice with Nuka World atm?

    I would just do Jammer's questline first. At least the beginning quests. Then go to nuka world. But, that was my playthrough.