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  1. Opi Vali

    Vit-0-matic missing textures

    Yeah, it’s the same for me. I can see the numbers for the stats, but not the stat that the numbers are for. How is a person supposed to put a settler in the best place for them if you don’t know what it means.
  2. Opi Vali

    Jake's Armor or lack there of...

    Yep, it was that way for me on my Xbox One X.
  3. Opi Vali

    I can’t pick up plots

    That fixed it. Thanks.
  4. Opi Vali

    I can’t pick up plots

    What I have when I have the plot highlighted the same way as in the original SS is all of my Xbox “A,B, X and Y” buttons are commands and it won’t let me grab plot.
  5. Opi Vali

    Hotfix 1.0.0b for Sim Settlements 2

    Wait, what!? They announced Fallout 4 on the Series X? As in a update?
  6. Opi Vali

    I can’t pick up plots

    I wonder if it is a issue with Place Anywhere?
  7. Opi Vali

    I can’t pick up plots

    I’m on a Xbox One X and I can not pick up and move already placed plots. I had assumed it worked just like the plots in the original Sim Settlements.
  8. Opi Vali

    Crashing at first plot

    I guessing this fits a kind of me too scenario.
  9. Opi Vali

    First quest crash

    I hope so, because it’s doing the same on my Xbox One X.
  10. Opi Vali

    Question Conqueror, is conquering required?

    There needs to be a process that you do their quest. They become your ally. They get taken over. You set them free. They are your ally again. Or conversely you should free them and then have to do their quest to complete the process of becoming a ally without losing the ability to use them in...
  11. Opi Vali

    Sim Settlements 2 Official Trailer

    So, a replacement for the original Sim Settlements? A add-on like Advanced Industrial, Rise of the Commonwealth and Conqueror? Either would be cool. One way or another it will require a rebuilding of my load order.
  12. Opi Vali

    Best CQ main base settlement

    If I had a rig that could handle the mods and software needed to build Plots, Factions and City Plans I would give them a go. I have this idea for some plots that would work with the destroy able walls to create catwalks, platforms, etc. for walled in settlements based on the Junk Town Fence...
  13. Opi Vali

    Best CQ main base settlement

    When I build my outposts I try to build them to have at a minimum of 17 settlers. That gives me 2 patrollers. One per vassal. RR gets a little crowded for even that let alone a full setup I want to do for my main base. One of the problems I have with Vault 88 is pathing. Settlers don’t path...
  14. Opi Vali

    Best CQ main base settlement

    I’ve built a few main bases there. I dislike the bluff that over looks the area. I don’t like how it makes the base look trying to prevent attacks from there. I do however have fun incorporating the movie screen and projector building into the builds that I do there.
  15. Opi Vali

    Best CQ main base settlement

    I have to admit I do start a lot of my first builds there. It just isn’t my favorite for a main base. It is my favorite for a players home base. I prefer it over all the others in that regards.
  16. Opi Vali

    Best CQ main base settlement

    RayBo, I think the Forgotten Vault Settlement is assume. As a Xbox player I have the same problem most Xbox players have, data cap. Otherwise I would totally go that route.
  17. Opi Vali

    Best CQ main base settlement

    It doesn’t matter what faction you favor. What settlement is your favorite for being a main base (especially for Conqueror) and why? Does it have to do with build size, accessibility, raid defensibility, central location, etc... I like the idea of Vault 88. I think it is big enough, interesting...
  18. Opi Vali

    Suggestion Contests

    I want to see a masters contest like this:
  19. Opi Vali

    Suggestion RotC City Plans Revisited

    I would like to see a new contest series call City Plans Rise of the Commonwealth Revisited. The idea being that we have learned so much more about how things work and there have been so many changes to the mods that getting the RotC city plans refreshed just makes sense. The object would be to...
  20. Opi Vali

    Question Unable to send random settlers to settlement

    It’s okay. I’m a avid watcher of the update videos. I’m aware of the new mechanic. I haven’t tested it yet, but I do plan too.