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  1. stjohnmccloskey

    Question Old Chem Yard plot can’t be removed

    Hmmm, someone might have a better solution for you, but I believe that at the *very least* you could use place anywhere's feature...i think it's called 'extra object selection' or something and I think you toggle it by hitting the 'insert' key. Maybe it wouldn't be able to get that point of...
  2. stjohnmccloskey

    Solved About Industrial plots

    Nothing to be sorry about! Glad we got to the bottom of it! I did the same thing. I think the big vortex button on nexus doesn’t download the 3 in 1! yep you should be able to just install the 3 in one and carry on!
  3. stjohnmccloskey

    I love this contest

    Man, I love your city plans, so hearing that it's possible to make something remotely near what you do in (theoretically) the time I actually play is very very heartening! :)
  4. stjohnmccloskey

    I think I might ...

    Yeah I feel like I wind up placing so many foundations just to cover up garbage D:
  5. stjohnmccloskey

    I love this contest

    Cool; thanks for the explanation! Haha! no wonder it takes you over 100 hours to do a city plan! I think I generally have closer to 8 - 16 hours a month to play at the moment, so it'll probably be a while before I can start thinking about that kind of detail :P
  6. stjohnmccloskey

    Solved About Industrial plots

    Hmm; I'm no expert, but if you've got no city plans my first thought is that you might not have the 3 in 1, but might only have the base mod! (that would also make it so that only advanced industrial from add-ons would be available) But the fact that you have them in sanctuary kind of undercuts...
  7. stjohnmccloskey

    I love this contest

    Yeah that makes sense! I just also don't love decorating, and would probably feel the need to. But hey, on the other hand if it turns into a labor of love then maybe I'd feel differently! I just remember before sim settlements, I really resented that if I didn't spend ages delicately placing...
  8. stjohnmccloskey

    Rudy chickened out

    Id still love to hear about the main gist/centerpiece! :)
  9. stjohnmccloskey

    Phil_T_Casual: Masters 2019

    Hope to see it one day; but no pressure! Just stoked by the very idea of it. Really ambitious, so obviously it might have been too much for a contest, but damn it's a cool idea! As a big fan of dwarf fortress; I'm into caverns. How did you do/plan to do this?
  10. stjohnmccloskey

    Iztari: Masters 2019

    That wall looks really cool! I love the use of plots without it feeling too grid-y!
  11. stjohnmccloskey

    I love this contest

    Thanks! That gives me a great idea of what it might actually mean. I can imagine myself getting burned out also, but we'll see!
  12. stjohnmccloskey

    Ausplat - Masters 2019 - Finished last minute rush job

    Haha that industrial area looks very cool. I love the idea/story of this! All the different enclosures are a great idea!
  13. stjohnmccloskey

    Yagisan - Masters 2019 - Completed

    Awesome! Makes sense the Minutemen in possession of the Castle would need a breadbasket, and Spectacle Island makes perfect sense for that. I like the waterwheel idea a lot, though, of course, a waterwheel that only captures tidal motion wouldn't produce much power, but...who cares? its cool...
  14. stjohnmccloskey

    Spectacle Hights- Completed

    Yeah I love those vertical shipping containers. Also the signs (eat some you fucker) are so good. The Staks almost looks like the london eye or something!
  15. stjohnmccloskey

    xMORIDARx: Masters 2019 - Finished!

    So cool! the bunker looks awesome. There's so much to love here :)
  16. stjohnmccloskey

    KynthiaBarnes - Masters 2019

    This is sweet; that boardwalk really is excellent. So simple, but so evocative somehow. All the neon is so good. and uhh. Im with Jerry. Love them windmills :)
  17. stjohnmccloskey

    PMV Valdez favela by Myrmarachne Masters 2019

    That pool table is delightful! What an awesome story and build! Living in (and spilling out of) the shell of the ship is so cool, and the lighting is awesome.
  18. stjohnmccloskey

    The Guns of August

    This is so cool hahaha is the new faction some kind of UK-enclave analogue? I love the story. I hope you do get to add all these things into holotapes and such. Awesome awesome work :D
  19. stjohnmccloskey

    NDCowdy, Masters 2019

    I absolutely love this. I love the diverse and interesting stories that develop with the geography. I think this method worked so well for the canvas of the island, rather than trying to tie everything into a single cohesive unit (though folks have done awesome stuff with that too). The telling...
  20. stjohnmccloskey

    I love this contest

    I really love to see how creative everyone is; I'm so impressed by every single entry! I'm someone who is drawn to sim settlements because I don't have a lot of time to play, and so the fact that I can benefit from other people's awesome designs is really awesome. Someday I'd love to participate...